CUE Webinar May 9 - How to optimize your digital workflow by bundling all must-have tools

Do you want to know how you can use our new and most innovative CMS, CUE, to its full potential? CCI and Escenic have planned a webinar May 9 at 3 PM (UTC+2) where you can learn how to integrate all your must-have content creation tools with CUE.

In the webinar you can among other exciting features experience auto-tagging, web analytics and content recommendations. The always entertaining and experienced CUE experts, Mark van de Kamp, CEO of Escenic, and Fred Wilson, Solutions Advisor at CCI, will take you through our exciting programme. Read more below.

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Why join the webinar?

The webinar provides four key ways to enrich your digital workflow with CUE integrations:

  1.  A CUE Trello board makes gathering and publishing content ideas a breeze. Manage workflows, enrich cards with team members and add a publishing due date and even specify a section on your website. Trello automatically creates in CUE the basics for your story. And, open the CUE story editor directly from Trello...on desktop or mobile. Simplicity = Trello planning and CUE storytelling.

  2.  Strengthen storytelling in CUE with a real-time web analytics CUE side-panel. Make play decisions based on the facts of story performance including trends over time. We will use Linkpulse in the webinar but you can use your organization’s analytics preference.

  3.  Enjoy “zero click” enrichment services! In the webinar we’ll use Atilika search technologies to illustrate how CUE’s Content API supports real-time semantic analysis of your content. The engine “learns” as you type and constantly refines the semantic entities result set. This automatic search also provides related content recommendations in CUE. Publishing speed and story context give you the competitive edge.

  4.  Have you ever had an image in archive system ‘A’ that needed to be in production system ‘B’? Unfortunately, ‘A’ and ‘B’ don’t talk! How can you use all available assets to tell your story? CUE’s custom web components consolidate the use of external (and internal) content repositories providing journalists easy access with full search and filter capabilities. Drag and drop within CUE to link assets. In the CUE webinar we’ll use Pixabay as an example but other web-based tools as well as best-of-breed DAM and MAM solutions apply.

Want to read more about CUE?

Then visit our brand new CUE site here and learn much more about how to reinvent your content creation.