Mexico’s largest newspaper company relaunches flagship publication

A redesigned format, quality content, and high journalistic rigor make up the core philosophy of OEM's renewed "El Sol de Mexico".

As part of an extensive identity renewal, Organización Editorial Mexicana has redesigned its flagship newspaper, El Sol de Mexico. The move is part of a broad initiative that includes restructuring newsroom workflows across more than 60 newspapers, as well as integrating print and digital operations.

Under the slogan “easy to read, easy to carry”, both the format and the content of El Sol de Mexico’s newspaper have changed. Improved navigation, clearer news hierarchy, a dynamic visual presentation and more analysis are just some of the changes that will provide added value to their daily readers.

A commitment to modernity and credibility

“At a time when the world journalism industry is perceived to be down, and thousands of publishing companies seek to resolve their crisis by reducing editorial staff and circulation, OEM is committed to investing in technological modernization and human talent”, El Sol de Mexico writes in an article about the relaunch.

In the times of social media, unidentified sources and "fake news", OEM believes it is imperative that news companies be strengthened, regardless of their platforms. “Today, more than ever, there is a need for credible journalism that generates community and better serves society.”

The changes are not restricted to the print newspaper. OEM has also undertaken improvements to digital platforms with the launch of its new, faster website, and the physical positioning of the online editorial team in the center of El Sol de Mexico’s newsroom. “This commitment to modernity and credibility extends to all of our platforms. Our editorial offerings cover 360 degrees: comprehensive and round-the-clock”, the El Sol de Mexico article concludes.

The idea is for El Sol de México to become the center of operations of the rest of the newspaper network, feeding at least 25% of the information.

Martha Ramos,

National Managing Editor, OEM


‘One newsroom to supply them all’

The redesign of El Sol de Mexico’s print and digital platforms is just the beginning. It is part of an overall strategy to relaunch all of OEM’s more than 60 newspapers and 43 websites.

“El Sol de México represents the center of our ambitious project,” says Francisco Torres Vázquez, Executive Vice President of OEM.  “Working with the CCI & Escenic structure is the first step. We are just starting”.

El Sol de Mexico will serve as the basis for an overall transformation of all other OEM newspapers and websites.

"The idea is for El Sol de México to become the 'hub' (center of operations) of the rest of the newspaper network, feeding at least 25% of the information”, says Martha Ramos, National Managing Editor at OEM, in an interview with EFE.

CCI and Escenic as partner in renewal initiative

The journey toward this major relaunch began in October 2015, when Francisco Torres Vázquez, OEM’s Executive Vice President — and grandson of OEM’s founder, the late Mario Vázquez Raña — bought a full publishing suite from CCI and Escenic.  “When the decision was made to break into the digital era, we sought a company that shared our philosophy and had a product that was sufficiently developed and had the proven ability to meet the needs of a group as big and diverse as OEM,” Torres Vázquez said about the partnership with CCI and Escenic.

CCI and Escenic have been not only a publishing system provider for the OEM project, but also a team of digital transformation consultants. “It would be impossible to conceive the global project OEM is developing without the program support that CCI and Escenic provide”, says Martha Ramos, National Managing Editor at OEM. Throughout the project, CCI and Escenic consultants and technicians have assisted with training, system setup and go-live support for more than 100 users at the flagship location.

Organización Editorial Mexicana is the largest news organization in Latin America, with approximately 3,500 newsroom employees, more than 60 newspapers, 43 websites, 24 radio stations and a centralized news agency.

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