Surprising takeaways from Escenic's yearly signature event - Escenic Days

Escenic Days 2017 just wrapped up in Oslo, Norway, with almost 100 attending customers. The event brought together media execs and tech experts from brands around the world. They, along with representatives from Escenic, spoke about transformative business strategies, capturing new revenue streams and emerging digital storytelling methods.

In addition, the two-day event focused on the current capabilities of our content management system CUE, as well as an in-depth discussion of the roadmap ahead. Executives from The McClatchy Company, with its concentration in 30 markets in the United States; from Ringier, with strong media outlets in Switzerland, Africa and China; talked about their strategies for moving to CUE. A co-founder of the Brazilian digital startup Nexo shared innovative and interactive stories produced on their cloud-based Escenic system that are helping them attract a growing national audience. The head of digital business development for the RTL Radio group in Germany spoke about their efforts to create digitally relevant brands that prevent losing current radio audience to other external online offerings. For them, that strategy includes a decision to standardize with a central platform based on Escenic and CUE.

Escenic engineers, along with tech leads and developers from our customer base, presented deep-dive sessions that resulted in concrete takeaways that attendees could take home and put into practice in their own environments. The program also gave customers a chance to show some of their own innovative add-ons to Escenic's flexible solutions.

Outside the sessions, three labs were available to offer a hands-on exploration of all topics related to CUE. One lab focused on our live blogging tool called CUE Live, where a journalist was covering the entirety of Escenic Days in real time. Another lab was manned by our lead UX engineer, where discussion was devoted to the topic of our dedication to building easy-to-use tools. 

In conjunction with Escenic Days, we hosted a special workshop on the topic of modern storytelling in the world of multi-channel distribution. We asked key customers to discuss their needs and desires, even to brainstorm possible solutions. We came away will real Insights that will positively impact Escenic's development going forward. 

Without a doubt, Escenic Days is an event that leaves every attendee with positive takeaways. In addition, our events make time for fun and networking. As in year's past, the conference attendees sailed on the Oslo Fjord for a dinner cruise. This year we sailed on Lady Mack, an antique three-masted schooner.

If you would like more details on the presentations and topics from the 2017, please request access to see all the recordings and slide decks here.

You can also learn more about CUE by going to, where you can also request a demo.
Stay tuned for details about next year's event. It's not to be missed.