Escenic AS is a provider of online publishing solutions based on the Escenic Content Engine, a high-performance content management and delivery system, and Widget Framework, a powerful toolset for building modular websites for all platforms.

Escenic was founded in 1999 with the aim of providing an extensible, standards-based technological platform  to media organisations leading the move to web-based publishing. This early start, combined with a clear technological focus and the will to innovate produced results, and Escenic can number many of the world's leading online publishers among its customers.

In the period 2008 - 2013 Escenic represented the on-line publishing arm of Vizrt, a major supplier of digital graphics and media asset management systems to the broadcasting industry. During this period Escenic's technological foundations widened to provide support for broadcasters struggling with the challenge of developing a compelling online presence.

Escenic is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of CCI Europe, the leading provider of editorial and advertising solutions for cross-media news environments. CCI Europe acquired Escenic from Vizrt at the end of 2013. Escenic shares with CCI a commitment to close customer relationships, with constant innovation and development based on customer feedback and detailed industry knowledge.

 Escenic's products are used by YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company), Trinity MirrorSVT (Sveriges Television AB)Axel SpringerJP/Politikens HusThe IndependentFunke MediengruppeDallas Morning NewsInfogloboThe HinduThe Globe and MailRSI (Radiotelevisione Svizzera) and many others.

Escenic has approximately 60 employees located at the head office Escenic AS in Oslo, Norway, at Escenic Asia Ltd in Dhaka, Bangladesh and in several other locations around the world.