New media startup: “Escenic Cloud lets us focus on journalism”

Nexo, a digital-only startup in Brazil, brings forward a new source of news for a country of 200 million using Escenic Cloud as its publishing platform.

About Nexo
  • Nexo is a subscription-based news site powered by a paywall that grants non-subscribers access to a number of free stories each month.
  • It is a digital newspaper for those seeking accurate explanations and balanced interpretations of the main facts of Brazil and the world.
  • The company is committed to offering readers information in context, with a unique approach.
  • Nexo journalists present relevant topics in clear, pluralistic and independent ways to stimulate and elevate the quality of public debate.
Untraditional news

Unbound by the tradition of legacy media houses, the São Paulo-based newsroom distributes original stories and multimedia in a voice that should speak to all Brazilians. Paula Miraglia, CEO and cofounder, says that the motivation to create Nexo is to qualify public debate.

Effective, rich content

“Since the start, our goal was to create an editorial model capable of producing content that would be accessible to a great number of people,” Miraglia says, and continues: “At the same time, we want effective, engagingly rich content that offers the kind of context that will inform and ultimately impact the national debate.”

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Miraglia leads Nexo with two other founders: Renata Rizzi, director of strategy and business, and Conrado Corsalette, the site’s editor-in-chief. Together, they have been working since early 2015 to make their dream of a startup in the journalism space come alive. Today they launch with a staff of 25 with different competencies and backgrounds among journalism, humanities, design, technology, marketing and business.

Fast and reliable technology

Building a newsroom from scratch, while at the same time creating modern digital journalism, demands a lot of energy and decision. So one thing Nexo did not want to worry about was the technology running their new business.

“Obviously, we wanted a quality system, but we also wanted to work with someone who offered good project management. We found all these things when working with Escenic.” 

We were searching for something fast, but something totally reliable.

Renata Rizzi,

Director of Strategy and Business, Nexo


Always live with Escenic Cloud

Nexo chose to use Escenic Cloud, a hosted publishing solution, so that the new company could focus more on the journalism and less on production issues and system maintenance. With Escenic Cloud, Nexo does not have to maintain the website — Escenic takes care of that. Escenic also makes sure that the site is live 24/7 and the editorial staff always works with the latest and most recently updated version of the Escenic content management system.

Publishing many places at once
About Escenic
  • Escenic AS delivers the technology that helps news publishers all over the world tell stories effectively in a digital space.
  • With a powerful engine and a crafty presentation layer, Escenic is behind millions of page impressions every single day, when news consumers flip through stories produced by Axel Springer in Germany, Trinity Mirror in United Kingdom or Egmont in Norway, to name only a few.
  • Escenic is based in Oslo, Norway, and was acquired by CCI in 2013.

Escenic’s concept of data sources, which automates publication of content, and the power of the system’s presentation layer, called the Widget Framework, were two of the biggest selling points. For instance, publishing one piece of content affects many areas of the site at once to make the content as relevant to the users as possible.

Made for a company like Nexo

Nexo is welcomed by Escenic CEO Mark van de Kamp.

“Escenic Cloud is built for companies like Nexo. It gives them the ability to focus on what they do best; content, and then let their technology provider take care of the rest,” he says.

“We look forward to working with Nexo to help them fine-tune their business and give them the best possible technology to support their goals.”



Photo: Kiko Ferrite