Webinar: Are you on the way to digital success?

Taking the right steps for your organization to become truly digital-first.

Transforming your news organization to become digital-first can be a challenge. You need to make sure that your systems support your objectives. That the right competencies are available internally. Not to mention, that you have access to consultancy services which can deliver the right solution at the right time.


Driving organizational change

CCI & Escenic have years of experience in establishing digital-first newsrooms and driving organizational change in some of the largest media houses in Europe and the US. These include Helsingin Sanomat, Axel Springer, JP/Politiken, Le Soir, Gannett, Tribune, McClatchy and The New York Times. The results are successful digital-first newsrooms publishing more, faster and richer content.


Join the webinar “Are you on the way to digital success?” to get tips on how to choose the right path to a digital-first newsroom. You can also hear more about how to get the right mix of projects, services, training, and people to bring your organization forward.


Webinar headlines are:

  • Choosing the right path: on the road to digital-first
  • Being connected: Benefits of being close to the developers
  • Tailoring consultancy to your needs

The webinar is on Thursday, December 14 at 3pm CET. Register here.


Online Professional Services at CCI & Escenic can help you take the right steps on your way to becoming a digital-first news organization. Contact Michael From Sørensen, VP Online Professional Services to hear more.