Making more out of mobile

Fast and sleek. Mobile News from Escenic gives you everything you need to attract readers and revenue to your mobile app.

With Mobile News you can publish news from Escenic to a native app. When editing in Escenic Content Studio, changes are immediately reflected in the app. You don't need another system to edit mobile content or change the layout of the articles. 

Your benefits from using Mobile News:

  • Native. The native app offers great performance. The app interacts well with your readers via native functionalities like push notifications and social sharing.
  • Mobile storytelling. It is easy to create storytelling dedicated for the mobile platform.
  • Layout control. You work with only one system to design and publish section fronts. You use templates to control section fronts faster.
  • Revenue. You can place ads wherever on section fronts and articles, you can integrate to your subscription system and allow for in-app purchase as well.
  • Open architecture. You can plug in third-party SDK tools.

What is it

Mobile News includes this in the standard setup:

  • An extendable set of native templates for section fronts
  • Integration for Google Mobile Ads
  • Integration for Google Analytics
  • Escenic mobile API connecting Escenic Content Studio to your Mobile News app

Additional services:

  • Push notifications
  • In-app purchase
  • Integration to subscription system
  • Extensions to the native templates

How to get it

Escenic customers running Escenic 5.7 can get Mobile News through their own installation or via Escenic Cloud.

Download demo app.

Contact information

Thea Borgholm
VP Digital Solutions