CUE 2.1 Released

Improved mobile experience, other additions and improvements

Escenic is pleased to announce the release of CUE 2.1. CUE 2.1 is a minor release containing some major additions and improvements plus lots of smaller improvements and bug fixes.

The main areas of improvement are:

A lot of effort has been put into improving the CUE user experience on mobile devices. You can now:

  • Upload images directly from your device to rich text fields in the editor
  • Use an asset picker to insert items into rich text fields
  • Tag content more easily on mobile devices

In addition the ability to edit sections on mobile devices has been withdrawn due to fundamental usability issues.

Section editing
It is now possible to set page, area group and teaser options when editing sections, and you can now also work on draft section pages.

Panels are now loaded on demand (when they are displayed) rather than all being loaded when a content item is first opened, making it faster to open content items.

Newsgate support
CUE now supports a media-neutral workflow. It can also display measurement info for tags and provide print previews based on shapes/articles.

Video support
CUE can now show the transcoding status of video content items.

For a full listing of all the improvements and fixes in the release, see the CUE 2.1.0-6 Release Notes.

You can install the release using apt-get as described in the CUE User Guide.