Escenic provides the tools you need to deliver world-class web sites and online publications.

  • High traffic, high volume. Escenic Content Engine is the motor driving some of the world's busiest online media operations. Customers include News UK, Axel Springer, Schibsted, Telegraph Media Group, SVT and TSR/RSI.
  • Scalability. Entry-level systems provide smaller organizations with exactly the same functionality and flexibility as Escenic's largest customers, and can easily be expanded to meet increasing demand.
  • Efficient workflows. Escenic's Content Studio provides a multi-user editing environment designed to meet the demanding requirements of 24/7 online media operations.
  • Cross-platform. Windows or Mac? Content Studio fits equally well into both worlds.
  • Open. The Escenic platform is based on open, standard technologies such as Java, Javascript, SQL, HTTP/REST, HTML5, CSS, XML.
  • Flexible. A combination of highly configurable widgets, REST APIs, JSP, tag libraries, XML-based content modelling, Java and Javascript APIs plus extensive documentation ensures that Escenic applications can be modified to meet almost any requirements.
  • Ready to go. Despite its extreme flexibility, a preconfigured widget set offering standard functionality ensures that an Escenic system can be up and running with a minimum of development work.
  • Responsive design. Escenic web site content adapts to the display context, ensuring that it looks good and performs well on any output device.
  • Multi-site. One Escenic installation can drive all your web sites, with easy cross-publishing and content sharing between sites.

Escenic Live Center

Escenic Live Center is an open, extensible live blogging platform that gives newsrooms a direct, real-time channel to readers.

Escenic Content Engine

The driving force behind Escenic websites - Escenic Content Engine provides a fast, reliable, extremely scalable and fully configurable repository for all your online content.

Escenic Content Studio

A complete collaborative production environment for content creators, editors, and publishers on both Windows and Mac.

Widget Framework

A modular, drag-and-drop toolkit that takes the coding out of website design.

Escenic Cloud

A complete development, design, editorial and hosting solution, fully operational from day one. So you can concentrate on what really matters.

Escenic Plug-ins

A range of plug-ins for extending the Content Engine to meet more specialized requirements.