Escenic Content Engine

Based on JEE and SQL technology, the Escenic Content Engine provides a fast, reliable, extremely scalable and fully configurable repository for all your online content. It provides a flexible data model based on content types. Every content item (text articles, images, videos, sound clips and so on) is based on a user-defined content type that determines its structure. As well as providing the storage for all website content, the content engine also incorporates:

  • A presentation layer for managing delivery of content to multiple channels
  • An HTTP/REST API for communication with Escenic Content Studio and integration with other back-end and external systems
  • A syndication subsystem for managing import from/export to other systems
  • A highly efficient workflow for managing and publishing video/audio content
  • Geotagging support
  • Fast, flexible Solr-based search functionality both for public website search and internal editorial searches in Content Studio
  • Support for website polls and voting
  • Website analytics
  • Automated sitemap generation
  • Navigation structure editing and maintenance
  • Revision history support
  • Notes and notifications as collaboration tools in Content Studio

Integrations with a number of external systems are available, and can extend the Content Engine’s capabilities even further:

  • CCI Newsgate for cross-media publishing
  • CXense or Saplo for automated tagging
  • Vizrt for media asset management and video graphics