Widget Framework

The Widget Framework is a modular website design toolkit that reduces the complexity of designing and implementing Escenic websites. Instead of working directly with HTML, Java, JSP, XML, CSS and Javascript code, designers are able to construct their websites from a collection of building blocks called widgets.

Widgets are self-contained, interoperable code packages that can simply be slotted together in a drag-and-drop, code-free assembly process using Escenic Content Studio. Despite the simplicity of the assembly process, the widgets are skinnable and highly configurable. They can therefore be used to provide a very wide range of different website structures and layouts. Even complex functionalities such as search can be added to a site without resorting to code editing.

The Widget Framework drastically reduces the time required for web site development, making the construction of ad hoc sites for events and other special purposes an affordable proposition.

The Widget Framework is based on the latest web standards, and generates clean HTML 5. Bootstrap-based responsive design together with the use of “lazy loading” ensures that the sites both look good and perform well on the widest range of client devices.

A standard set of widgets is supplied with the Widget Framework. The supplied widgets cover most common requirements, rendering coding completely unnecessary for many customers. You can however easily extend it with custom code if necessary, either by modifying standard widgets or creating new widgets of your own.