Escenic Cloud

The Escenic platform is now also available as a hosted cloud service. By choosing the Escenic Cloud you avoid up-front licensing costs, hardware costs, installation, configuration and maintenance. Instead you get access to a pre-installed and configured, fully operational Escenic system and web-hosting service from day one, for an agreed monthly rental fee.

Its key benefits include:

  • Stability & peak-traffic security
  • Reduced training requirements
  • Lower cost
  • Lower time-to-market
  • Easy upgrades
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Agile development
  • Controlled change management

The Escenic Cloud includes all the main Escenic system components:

In addition, however, the Escenic Cloud also incorporates a fully-configured ready-to-use development environment based on best practices derived from Escenic’s many years of in-house development experience. This environment supports a simple, agile development workflow and encourages collaboration across professional boundaries. It is based on a combination of popular open source components and Atlassian’s world-beating development and collaboration tools:

  • GIT for source code management
  • Maven for build/assembly
  • JIRA for issue tracking and project management
  • HipChat for communication and collaboration

The service is provided from virtual machines hosted in the Amazon cloud, and is therefore able to offer:

  • Very high uptime
  • World-wide accessibility
  • On-demand scalability
  • Extreme flexibility for dealing with peak demand

Cloud installations are monitored by Escenic operations staff, enabling prompt resolution of performance problems and other issues.