Content API

Escenic's new content API micro-service provides publishers with media-neutral and technology-independent access to their content. Get complete freedom to create websites and applications using whatever technologies you prefer, and integrate external tools and systems easily.


Headless content creation

CUE and the Content Store impose no limitations on what you can do with your content. Content experts can use CUE's browser-based editor to plan, organize, create and edit digital assets. These assets are then exposed in the Escenic content API as language- and platform-independent JSON documents.

The solution gives you complete freedom to publish what you want and how you want it - whether it is on paper, on websites, in web applications, in tablet or mobile native apps, via social media or to new IOT applications.






Decoupled presentation layer

CUE offers an optional presentation layer micro-service that gives you an out-of-the-box publishing solution for quickly building websites using familiar, industry-standard web design technology. This makes it possible for you to create your own presentation layer using whatever languages or tools you prefer.

The decoupled architecture ensures that the out-of-the-box functionality does not limit your freedom to explore other publishing technologies. A JSON-based API provides a completely open, language-independent interface. You can generate your own websites if you wish, or you can replace it with another system of your choice.

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