Content Store

Store all of your content in Escenic or CUE and it’s easy to find again. The software will also interact with other systems and databases if you prefer to store your content there.


Use Escenic to store

Escenic Content Engine will act as a Digital Asset Management system and store all the data you enter into Escenic.

The database is able to hold millions of pieces of content and lets you access all of the data easily.






CUE Content Store

Available from late 2017, Escenic offers you a fundamentally new way of creating stories and storing media-neutral content separately from channel-specific content metadata in CUE Content Store.


CUE Content Store lets multi-channel publishing reach a whole new dimension, as story elements will automatically be adjusted to fit the relevance, facet and format dependent on the channel.





Free your story creation

The content store is designed to set your story creation free by adding flexibility to your story elements based on two key concepts: story elements and story lines. Stories are created by adding individual story elements into a specific sequence - the story line.

Story elements are individual pieces of content that together make up the story. CUE Content Store stores individual content components separately from the particular sequence they have in story narratives.








Use another system to store

A unique proxy architecture created by Escenic makes it possible to use other databases to store both your data and the content edited in Escenic. This means that you just use Escenic as the place your journalists and editors produce the content.