CUE is a content creation platform for a constantly changing media environment where publishers need the ability to react quickly and with freedom to experiment with new media forms, publishing platforms and business models. With CUE you get all your must-have tools bundled in a simple, extensible UX for content management.


Smart UX for fast content creation

Creating new and improved content is just one click away in CUE’s user interface. The interface is designed to be fast and lovable for the end-user. Built in consultation with publishing partners around the globe, CUE offers a UX that newcomers say is immediately intuitive.



The intuitive design of the UX helps you focus on the task ahead to create and enrich your stories with the very best content from any device with any browser. Workflows are effectively organized into different browser tabs.






Enrich your stories and increase engagement

You need user-generated content from social media to create engaging stories that will make your readers come back again and again.


Enriching your stories in CUE is a simple drag-and-drop manoeuvre that lets you add images, videos and social media content. CUE lets you integrate all kinds of online content in a native way - appearing not just as a link but as a native representation of the content.




Designed for mobility

From CUE’s refined and focused interface, content can be found, created or published by simple taps on a smartphone screen. This makes CUE the perfect companion for content creation whenever and wherever you are.


The mobile-friendly UX allows journalists, editors or freelancers to do all tasks on the mobile - as long as there is internet access. Simply share the link to the story and your colleague will have access to work anywhere.






Easy search

Fast production of content requires fast search of images, assets and previous content. Escenic's interface makes it fast to search for content in all of your content management systems. You can even set up the search to be the starting point of your content creation process.








CUE incorporates multi-device preview functionality that lets you see what your pages will look like on a range of different devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops and so on.



Built-in tagging

Escenic's built-in tagging support provides the basis for structuring content to enable re-use and personalization. Well-tagged content can easily be selected for inclusion in auto-generated pages covering special topics such as sports events and famous persons. It also enables the provision of personalized content selected to match users' preferences.





Semantic analysis

A semantic analysis plug-in can search your content for references to known entities such as persons, organizations, locations and so on, and tag it accordingly. The plug-in can add tags in real time during editing and also offers the author related content suggestions based on the current set of tags.






Escenic Cloud

Escenic’s solutions are available as a hosted cloud service. By choosing the Escenic Cloud you avoid up-front licensing costs, hardware costs, installation, configuration and maintenance. Instead you get access to a pre-installed and configured, fully operational Escenic system and web-hosting service from day one.