CUE Video

Empower all your colleagues to work with video. Upload, transcode and do light editing of videos right there in your CMS.


Shoot video with your phone

When using the CMS on your mobile phone for field reporting, it’s just a matter of flicking open the camera on your phone and shoot a video right there and then.

Once you’ve shot your video, it’s easy to upload it. Your video will automatically be transcoded.






Edit and enrich your video

CUE offers fully integrated video content management through your favorite video solution provider, including AWS, Brightcove or Kaltura.

The CUE interface also makes it easy to perform light edits on any video. You can trim the beginning and the end and set different cue points for starting chapters.

You never have to leave the CUE environment to upload video, add annotations to the timeline, and include video content into your storytelling.