CUE is designed as a system of decoupled, interconnected content services and is built on powerful mechanisms that make it easy to add custom functionality and to integrate external services and legacy systems directly into your workflows. With CUE you only need one tool to manage all tasks.


One tool to perform many tasks

Flexibility is a given in the CUE environment. It uses the power of standard web component technology to construct an intuitive interface for content producers.

It goes beyond built-in functionality to connect anything from popular web tools to legacy in-house systems.

The open APIs mean that you can have just one tool that will help you perform a lot of the tasks that you today are using several tools for.






Get more efficient with automation

CUE is designed for extensibility and allows integration of 3rd party services. Two main mechanisms are offered: Web Components to add custom panels and fields editors and enrichment services to extend functionality and automate functions that make content production easier and amazingly more effective.

Web Components can be used to incorporate specific field editors or user interface panels. You can, for example, configure CUE to display a Plot.ly data sheet editor to create interactive charts and data visualizations without leaving CUE.