CUE 2.9.4 Released

A maintenance version of the CUE plug-in has been released.

CUE 2.9.4 is a maintenance release containing the following fixes:

  • CUE no longer removes schedule field value from section page

  • Error when reorganizing related content fixed

  • Text no longer 'jumps' when saved

  • Save button now enabled when SSE Proxy is off

  • Relation area shortcuts now released when switching from print to online packages

  • Home section now set correctly

  • Now possible to drag pictures from the search panel

  • CUE now always reconnects to SSE Proxy

  • Unwanted line break no longer inserted with macro

  • Improved lock handling of locking while content is out of date

  • Crop preview load time improved

  • Drag and Drop issue in Chrome fixed

  • Locks now work correctly after being stolen

  • Special characters in passwords now supported

  • Drop context now included when content dropped on menu editor

  • Spaces no longer removed from text pasted from Word

  • Performance improvement using many tags

  • CUE now handles unavailable enrichment services correctly

  • Problem with spell check highlights on mobile fixed

  • Default values now work

  • Text no longer 'jumps' when saved

  • Publish button works better when staging is disabled

  • Image orientation now preserved during drag and drop

  • CUE no longer removes schedule field from section summary

  • Order of uploaded gallery images now maintained (Content Store only)

  • Preview shortcut now works everywhere

  • Improved handling of copy/paste into heading elements

  • Multi-line heading formats can now be removed

  • Inline link problem fixed

  • CUE Print image preview problem fixed

  • Removing inline images works again

  • Problem with duplicate relations fixed

  • Enrichment service on-click trigger now works correctly

  • Special characters in passwords now supported

  • Ignore all/Add to dictionary works properly again

For full details, see the CUE 2.9.4 release notes.

For information about getting and installing CUE, seeĀ here.