CUE 3.2 Released

Together with Content Store 1.2, CUE Front 1.6 and Content Engine 6.10

CCI and Escenic are pleased to announce the release of CUE 3.2, together with new versions of the CUE Content Store (1.2) and CUE Front (1.6).

CUE 3.2 can also be used together with a new version of the Escenic Content Engine (6.10). When CUE is used with Escenic Content Engine 6.10, any Content Store-specific functionality in CUE is not visible.

CUE 3.2

CUE 3.2 offers the following new features to users on both CUE Content Store and Escenic Content Engine platforms:

  • Add Packages dialog Default Packaging tab
  • Improved Create Tag dialog
  • Sorting content card lists by first published date
  • Page preview
  • Panel state persistence
  • Improved section page management

CUE Content Store users will in addition see the following additions:

  • Storyline versioning
  • Web components in storyline elements
  • Custom states and workflows

The release also includes a number of smaller improvements and many bug fixes on both platforms.

For full details, see the CUE 3.2 release notes, which you will find here (for Content Store users) and here (for Content Engine users)

CUE Content Store 1.2

Contains additions needed to support new CUE functionality plus other improvements and fixes.

CUE Content Store 1.2 has an internal release number of 7.2, reflecting its Escenic history.

For full details, see the CUE Content Store 1.2 release notes.

CUE Front 1.6

CUE Front 1.6 includes a sister publication for the Tomorrow Online demo (called Tomorrow Sport), a more robust Cook that starts up faster, some Cook diagnostic tools, and more.

For full details, see the  CUE Front 1.6 release notes.

Escenic Content Engine 6.10

For full details, see the  Escenic Content Engine 6.10 release notes.