CUE 3.2.3 Released

A maintenance version of the CUE plug-in has been released.

CUE 3.2.3 is a maintenance release containing the following fixes:

  • Rich text editor typing speed improved

  • Fixed drag and drop problem in the menu editor

  • Section page editor performance improved

  • Image gallery error fixed

  • Web components can now be loaded as ECMAScript modules

  • Fixed dialog shown to the user if enrichment service cancels an operation

  • Enrichment service locking problem fixed

  • Inline image "duplicates in a repeater" error fixed

  • Tag lookup now works in Merge Tags dialog

  • Inboxes working correctly again

CUE 3.2.3 is available on both the CUE Content Store and Escenic Content Engine platforms. For full details of the changes in this release, see either the CUE 3.2.3 release notes (CUE Content Store platform) or the CUE 3.2.3 release notes (Escenic Content Engine platform). Fixes that are only relevant on the Content Store platform are tagged "content-store-only" under the "Areas affected" headings in the release notes.

For information about getting and installing CUE, see here (for CUE Content Store)or here (for Escenic Content Engine).