CUE 3.3.4 Released

A maintenance version of the CUE plug-in has been released.

CUE 3.3.4 is a maintenance release containing the following improvements and fixes:

  • Ctrl+S shortcut problem fixed

  • Dragging multiple images in list no longer causes an error

  • Image relation problem fixed

  • Field inheritance problem fixed

  • Improved handling of HTTP 400 response in enrichment services

  • Clear formatting button works again

  • Fixed storyline locking

  • Placeholders removed if inner place holder is active while drag over

  • Scrolling in menu editor now enabled

  • Problem with unwanted HTML div element fixed

  • Dropping read-only content into a print package now works

  • Smart quote at the start of a rich text field now works

  • Disabling smart quotes in plain text fields

  • Storyline editor performance improved (Content Store only)

  • Drop resolvers can now handle multiple items

  • "Revert to master" now works properly for inline images

  • Enrichment services can now update sections

  • Adding related content now faster

  • Ctrl+S problem fixed in storyline editor

  • Dragging images no longer causes console errors

  • Multi-select enumeration fields can now be saved

  • Caret now correctly positioned after paste in storyline editor

  • Keyboard option selection from autocomplete drop-downs now works

  • Content items open faster

  • Lost typing problem fixed

  • Single-select enumeration fields now handle very long labels

  • Save button now disabled until drop operations completed

  • Now possible to delete multiple paragraphs in storyline editor

  • Dragging text between fields now works correctly

  • Content summary updated when draggable contents already have content summary values

  • Notes on notes now prevented in storyline editor

  • Compressed HTTP requests now sent as expected

For full details, see the CUE 3.3.4 release notes.

You can download the CUE release from