CUE 3.4 (Morgan/Reed) released

A new version of the CUE stack is available

What are "Morgan" and "Reed"?

"Morgan" and "Reed" are version code names. Code names have been introduced as a means of identifying complete CUE software stack versions. Most of the products in the CUE stack have their own release numbers, and keeping track of which versions of the various products are compatible with each other can be difficult. 

From now on, each CUE stack release will be identified by a code name. This release of the Content Store-based CUE stack is called ''Morgan'', and this release of the Escenic Content Engine CUE stack is called ''Reed''. 

This means that instead of having to look up or make enquiries about which version of Product X you should install to ensure compatibility with CUE 3.4 (Morgan), you can just install the Morgan version of Product X.

The Morgan/Reed stacks include new versions of the following products:

  • CUE 3.4 (Morgan/Reed)
  • CUE Front 1.8 (Morgan/Reed)
  • CUE Content Store 1.4 (Morgan only)
  • Escenic Content Engine 6.12 (Reed only)

CUE 3.4 (Morgan/Reed)

CUE 3.4's most important features include:

  • FreeDesign span previews
  • Multichannel publishing (Content Store only)
  • Source monitor previews
  • Metadata panel configuration

The release also includes a number of smaller improvements and bug fixes.

For full details, see the CUE 3.4 release notes, which you will find here (for Content Store users) and here (for Content Engine users)

CUE Front 1.8 (Morgan/Reed)

CUE Front 1.8 brings ESI support, improved logging, an improved fridge stocker and improved GraphQL performance plus other improvements and corrections.

For full details, see the  CUE Front 1.8 release notes.

CUE Content Store 1.4 (Morgan only)

Contains additions needed to support new CUE functionality plus other improvements and fixes.

CUE Content Store 1.4 has an internal release number of 7.4, reflecting its Escenic history.

For full details, see the CUE Content Store 1.4 release notes.

Escenic Content Engine 6.12 (Reed only)

Contains only minor corrections. For details, see the Escenic Content Engine 6.12 release notes