CUE 3.4.5 Released

A maintenance version of the CUE plug-in has been released.

CUE 3.4.5 is a maintenance release containing the following improvements and fixes:

  • Searching tags containing colons now works

  • Improved feedback when re-uploading media content

  • Section page editor insert group option fixed

  • Section editing problem fixed

  • Enrichment service problem with related content fixed

  • Desked content item title caching problem fixed

  • Enrichment services now modify hidden fields as expected

  • Problem with drag and drop of PDF files fixed

  • Fixed storyline keyboard navigation problems

  • Rich text editor support for "strong" and "em"

For full details, see the CUE 3.4.5 release notes (CUE Content Store platform) or the CUE 3.4.5 release notes (Escenic Content Engine platform).

For information about getting and installing CUE, see here (for CUE Content Store) or here (for Escenic Content Engine).