CUE Content Store 7.2.1 Released

A maintenance version of the CUE Content Store has been released.

CUE Content Store 7.2.1 is a maintenance release containing the following improvements and fixes:

  • Tag search now gives exact matches precedence

  • Non accessible sections are not removed content item web service

  • Inline links to unpublished content now completely removed from output

  • Empty .tmp files no longer left in image cache

  • Creation and Last modified dates can now be set on creation via the web service

  • Web service working-copy-of documents no longer immediately deleted

  • Storylines workflow now supports legacy states

  • Allowed content types in summary relation now exposed by web service

  • Tag cache now invalidated properly after creating, deleting and merging tags

  • Document type search filter problem fixed

  • Users with no permission in home publication can now log in

  • Image loading problem in Content Studio fixed

  • Fixed loading of binary content items on read only server

  • Removed Google+ API requirement for Google authentication

  • Supplementary Unicode characters now supported

  • CUE search content type filters no longer publication-specific

  • Fixed date fields in Content Studio

  • Improved tag structure caching

  • Private content items removed from the change log

  • Section storyline templates now imported/exported

  • Field label fallback improved

  • Fixed getPublicationIds method in ArticleTransaction

  • Story elements can now be retrieved even if the definition has changed

  • Added missing field labels

  • Removing "Inherit access control" now faster

For full details, see the CUE Content Store 7.2.1 release notes.

For installation instructions, seeĀ here. For upgrade instructions, seeĀ here.