CUE Content Store 7.3.2 Released

A maintenance version of the CUE Content Store has been released.

CUE Content Store 7.3.2 is a maintenance release containing the following improvements and fixes:

  • Fixed problem with duplicate tag names

  • Thumbnail links of non-image binary content items fixed

  • Thumbnails now loaded from external systems

  • Hidden subsections no longer included in search results

  • State facet translations now read from workflow definitions

  • Fixed problem with API locks

  • Expired locks are now deleted

  • Drag and drop problem fixed

  • Fixed possible ClassCastException in change log

  • Workflow label functionality improved

  • Workflow transition icons

  • Xinclude supported in workflow documents

  • Workflow transitions without target states can now be labeled and translated

  • Fixed Server-Sent Events (SSE) distribution problem

  • Fixed problem with incorrect author details in exported content

  • Improved handling of stale objects in cache

  • Deleted lists on section pages no longer cause problems

  • Fixed deadlock problem

  • Storylines can now be retrieved even if the storyline template has changed

  • Submitted (with Published) to Draft (with Published) transition now works

  • Fixed problem saving content items added to lists in foreign publications

  • Cross-published content types now named correctly

  • Section page teaser relations now imported and exported

  • Fixed problem with faceting on dates in search filter

  • Passwords no longer need to be stored in Shiro.conf

For full details, see the CUE Content Store 7.3.2 release notes.

You can download the CUE Content Store release from