Immediate action required on Google-based authentication

Google+ API withdrawn

Google-based authentication used to require the Google+ API to be enabled. Google is, however, currently withdrawing support for its Google+ API and therefore removing this requirement. If your sites make use of Google-based authentication, then you need to take action immediately in order for Google-based authentication to continue working.

The API withdrawal means that a corresponding configuration change is required in CUE Content Store, Escenic Content Engine and the CUE Print Tomcat server in order for third-party authentication via Google to continue to work.

The required change has already been included in:

  • Escenic Content Engine 6.10.2
  • Escenic Content Engine 6.11
  • CUE Content Store 7.3

In order to continue using Google-based authentication you must either:

  • Upgrade to a product version that includes the change (if that is possible), or
  • Make the following configuration changes:
  1. Open /etc/escenic/engine/common/com/escenic/auth/oauth2/OAuth2Configuration.propertiesin an editor.
  2. Add profileUri=
  3. Save the file and restart Content Engine / Content Store

If your installation includes CUE Print, then you must also:

  1. Open webapps/newsgate-cf/WEB-INF/ on the CUE Print Tomcat web server.
  2. Replace this line:
  3. Save the file and restart the CUE Print Tomcat web server.