Oracle Java Licensing Changes

Oracle Java SE version 8 maintenance updates no longer free

As of 01.02.2019, Oracle will no longer provide maintenance updates to Oracle Java SE version 8 free of charge. There is, however, an open source alternative to Oracle Java, called OpenJDK. Maintenance updates for version 8 of OpenJDK will continue to be provided free of charge after 01.02.2019.

OpenJDK has been the reference implementation of Java since Java version 7, and Oracle Java SE is based on OpenJDK. Oracle Java SE contains some extensions and additional features but none of these extensions are used in Escenic products except for JavaFX. JavaFX is a UI-related library that is used by Content Studio.

The products that currently depend on Oracle Java 8 are:

  • Escenic Content Engine 5.x and 6.x
  • Escenic Content Studio 5.x and 6.x
  • SSE Proxy 1.x
  • CUE Content Store 1.x
  • CUE User Manager 1.x
  • Changelog Daemon 1.x and 2.x

This means you have the following options:

  • Upgrade to the latest release of Oracle Java SE 8 and purchase licenses from Oracle to continue receiving maintenance updates
  • Upgrade to the latest release of Oracle Java SE 8 without purchasing any licenses from Oracle. Over time your installation will become less secure
  • Switch to OpenJDK 8

For Content Studio, switching to OpenJDK is not an option due to Content Studio's dependence on JavaFX. You can start using CUE instead of Content Studio, which would make it possible to switch to OpenJDK 8. (For Escenic Content Engine 5.x users, this would require upgrading to Content Engine 6.)