Welcome to our video library! Here you'll find a collection of short tutorial videos showcasing some of our favorite Escenic features. The videos highlight important new functionality and also show how the features are used.

Content Studio basics - the user interface

A short tour around Escenic Content Studio's user interface

Content Studio basics - publishing a content item

How to publish a content item in Escenic Content Studio

Content Studio basics - modifying a content item

How to update and enrich a published story

Content Studio basics - tagging

How to tag a story in Content Studio

Content Studio basics - image handling

How to upload, modify and publish images in Content Studio

Using the View Picker Widget

Learn how to make flexible content-sensitive teasers with the Widget Framework's View Picker and Teaser View widgets

Using the Teaser Widget

Learn how to use Widget Framework 3's Swiss Army Knife!

Using Data Sources

Get the most out of the Widget Framework Data Source component.

Escenic Mobile Studio

An introduction to Escenic Mobile Studio