CUE Live

Live blogging with CUE Live will increase your traffic and engagement with users. CUE Live is the latest version of Escenic Live Center. The tool is fast and it's easy to re-use all the content in your content management system. CUE Live is the ideal plug-in to kick-start your live blogging journey.


Live blogging with CUE

To play a role in your users' live news consumption, you need a powerful live blogging tool that will allow you to mix social media with reports in a fast and reliable environment. CUE Live will provide you with this.


CUE Live is created for speed and high performance and will make your editors and reporters as well as your users love the speed of the live updates you can create with this.






Increase engagement

With real-time reporting on big events like sports, politics, celebrities and general news, your users will be used to coming back for more relevant content and the latest news - boosting your traffic over and over again.

Users will learn that your news outlet is the go-to place for rapid updates in the digital space.




Mobile interface

A killer user experience for the end-user on the mobile is default for CUE Live - as well as the desktop.

You can style it exactly like you want for all devices. CUE Live is browser-based and optimized for touch-screens.

Reporters, editors, experts and freelancers can report straight from the mobile, so that your reports are as fresh as possible. All they have to do is log on to their account and start typing.







Scalable and reliable

Sometimes live blogs carry on for days with numerous people contributing to the live blog at the same time. For that to happen without end-users noticing any lagging or stalling you need an extremely reliable system.

CUE Live is built for scale so that you can create as many content items inside a live blog as you like.

You can have up to 100 reporters providing content to live blog at the same time.

More than 10 million end-users can read a live blog simultaneously without jeopardizing stability.




Integrated with your CMS

As an Escenic plug-in, CUE Live is a fully integrated component of the Escenic content management system - a CMS specifically designed for news and magazine publishers. That means live blogs are native in Escenic publications, completely under your control - not embedded islands from a third-party software vendor's site.







SEO optimized

A live blog created with CUE Live is automatically optimized for great SEO performance.

Every entry gives your entire blog a new time stamp and lets Google credit you for the amount of new articles.




Social integration

Adding content from YouTube and social media like Twitter and Instagram is just a drag-and-drop affair.

Configurable social media feeds let you monitor relevant activity on important social media platforms and simply drag tweets, videos or images directly into your live blogs.

You can even configure blogs to automatically include tweets from trusted Twitter accounts.







Re-use content

Escenic makes it easy to reuse images, text and video nested inside the CMS. So allow your colleagues to work together in the most flexible and efficient way, by reusing and sharing content across all platforms, locations and brands.